Smiffys Men’s Anubis The Jackal Costume

You will certainly stand out in the fantastic costume Product Features Includes tunic with collar, arm cuffs, armbands and mask Leggings and staff not included Overhead mask Related Related posts: Smiffys Men’s Anubis The Jackal Costume Smiffys Men’s Decaying Zombie Mask with Hair Big Frank Adult Mens Frankenstein Halloween Costume Smiffys Women’s Zombie Bride Costume

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Marcus Jackson says:

Fit as expected I attached a photo with me in the costume.

Ms Liz says:

He looked awesome both ways My husband really wanted to be Anubis for Halloween so we went for it… this costume fell a bit short of expectations. It fit oddly because the stretch wasn’t bidirectional, so the upper arms were tight and the gold from mid-chest to waist was loose. My hubs is 5’11” and around 180 lbs, he’s lean with a runner’s build. Anyone with big guns would want to cut the sleeves off (my hubby did that eventually too because it was hot). He ditched the rubber mask – it smelled and wasn’t possible…

Clinton D. Combs says:

Nice, but not ready to wear as is I like it, but don’t love it. I ended up combining this costume with the woman’s version. I wore the head piece from the woman’s version which is open face. This mask looks good, but is not practical to wear with glasses or for very long. I also cut off the skirt portion of the woman’s costume and wore it around my waist. I did this because the back of this costume is simply black. None of the gold decoration is on the back. By combining the two, I was able to add some gold to the back. The arm…

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