California Costumes Werewolf Mask,Assorted,One Size

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Joseph Martin says:

Scary, but fragile and tough to make the animotion work. Pros: 

Matt Jacob says:

Terrible Quality Received mask and removed from packaging. Found that it was ripped at the neck, the nose was missing rubber so just foam showed, and the hair was falling out everywhere. oh well i thought, lets try it out. i put it on, it is VERY hard to actuate and the whole mask moves instead of just the mouth opening. so i figure that i will just need to stretch it out. so after a while of opening and closing the mouth, i take it off to find a HUGE rip in the corner of the mouth on the left side…

K. Murphy says:

Great Mask, Reasonable Price I know I have an oblong skull, and this thing is made for a rounder skull. It’s tough to get a tight fit but I think with some modification (involving more velcro straps and a heat gun) I can get it just right for NEXT Halloween! Even without being able to effectively actuate the jaw, this is a pretty scary mask and worked really well in a dark “graveyard” for scaring partygoers. The only addition required is black makeup for raccoon eyes to blend in with the mask. You do need a break…

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